Best DSLR & Best DSLR Shoulder Rig to Buy Online

Best DSLR & The Best DSLR Shoulder Rig for the Money to Buy Online: If you are a photographer or a videographer, you will have to use DSLRs. A best DSLR Shoulder Rig decides the quality of almost all your videos or photos. But before you decide to purchase a DSLR Shoulder rig there are so many things to keep in mind. They should be light in weight, easy to use and also should come with an affordable price. Hence you should have a look at the below section where there are a number of aspects listed that you should keep in mind.

We have tried our best to bring you some of the best Shoulder Rigs in the current time. We have listed as many as 5 best dslr shoulder rig list below. All these Camera shoulder rigs are best in the business and also comes with flexible price tags. Hence anyone can buy them. Please check the list of best & cheap DSLR Shoulder Rig and also their features.

Best DSLR: The Best DSLR Shoulder Rig for the Money to Buy Online

1. Neweer Professional DSLR Rig Set Movie Kit Film Making System for All DSLR Cameras and Video Camcorders

neewer proffesional dslr rig

This has Great Nylon and ABS Dial Index Adjustment having360 degrees. The Gear drive works for both right-handed and left-handed and can be mounted from both the sides. Hence you can shoot with either of the hands according to your flexibility. Has ¼” female adapter at the bottom of the lens. It is compatible with all DSLR cameras and is ideal for making videos with a movable scene or micro shoots. It is compatible with industry standard 15 mm Rod which makes it perfect for quality and durability. The price of this Neweer professional DSLR Rig comes under the budget, which will not make it difficult to buy it.

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2. Morros DSLR Spider Rig DR-2 Shoulder-Mount Support Rig Stabilizer

morros dslr rig

This has a transformable design for different shooting style. That helps in shooting some of the best videos and photos. One can easily adjust into different shooting modes for better photos. It provides stabilization during video production with minimum turbulence while shooting. The system has lightweight and is portable, hence anyone can carry this with ease. All hand grips and joints are rotatable and adjustable. One can use it in a number of different ways; you can extend the rear arm for shoulder support and adjust to use as on hand camera set.It is widely used for DSLR video cameras and handheld video cameras

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3. Diamondo 15mm Rod Rig DSLR Camera Video Cage Kit Stabilizer + Top Handle Grip

This one of the most flexible shoulder rigs in the current market. Hence the number of professional photographers and videographers buying this one is increasing. With its 1/4″ mounting holes, one can attach a number of other accessories. Whatever the camera it might be, you can attach them to this shoulder rig and you can use it. It also has a hand top grip for easy holding. Since it is built with quality aluminum alloy, the durability and weight are very comfortable. Since the price of this shoulder rig is moderate, it poses not much problem for anyone to buy this.

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4. Neewer Portable FilmMaker System With Camera/Camcorder Mount Slider, Dual handgrip and Soft Rubber Shoulder Pad For All DSLR Video Cameras and DV Camcorders

neewer portable filmmaker rig

This has lightweight for mobile filmmaking and is suitable for continuous work involving very long hours. Any professional photographer wants a shoulder rig with such features and this suits just perfect. It has customized design for adding and replacing components, especially in some special occasions for film making the design, angle, and has position adjustments. One can install the system with video capture series of related accessories. It is suitable for ¼” screw holes, digital SLR cameras, and camcorders. Since the price of this shoulder rig will not go over the budget, you can buy this without much difficulty.

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5. FILMCITY DSLR Shoulder Rig FC-02 Kit

filmcity dslr rig

The system has Universal Base Plate that fits most DV, HDV and DSLR Camcorders It has easy mount capability for follow focus, matte box and more. Has  9” Cage and 15mm rails.Has straight bracket and z bracket for better eye line contact with the camera. Again for comfortable use, it has Custom adjustable shoulder pad. With the help of this Shoulder Rig, you will definitely feel the comfort and durable shooting experience. The stability while shooting even after hours of usage is incredible. This also comes under the budget for anyone. Hence this is one of the best shoulder rigs to buy for your video and photo shooting.

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Things to consider before buying

  • Shoulder Mount Type: There are two types. Think first whether you want a straight shoulder mount or an offset shoulder mount. If the DSLR has an articulated display, it has LCD monitor that opens up to one side, then better go for an offset shoulder mount. However, in an offset mount, the rig keeps the viewfinder in front of the eyes of the operator. For the fixed Type DSLRs, you can go with straight shoulder mount type.
  • The design of Shoulder Mount: There are two designs from which you can choose. In one Flat it has Metal Surfaces and this attaches the DSLR to the top. While the other uses Rail System. A rail system is more adaptable to different scenarios. The rail system has another advantage. It makes easy to add attachments to your DSLR such as Lens supports, cages.
  • Manages the weight: Almost all DSLR Shoulder Rigs come with “Arm” or “Chest” so use one support. You can choose one among these since your DSLR though light can look bulky if you add the extra fittings onto it such as your custom lens that is quite heavy.

These are the best DSLR Shoulder Rig for the money to buy online. You will definitely love the products and you can really make use of this. If you feel that this review of best & cheap DSLR shoulder rig is helpful to you, then please share this with your fellow professional photographers and videographers.

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